Case Studies

Case studies (=> work block 3) established the link between empirical research and practical activities in the test basins and the advances in thematic research that will be undertaken in WBs 1, 2 and tool development in WB4 (providing improved understanding, approaches and tools for IWRM). It was decisive for the integration of issues, methodological approaches and stakeholder views at case study level. The work was strongly influenced by stakeholder participation. Stakeholders were engaged in collaborating with WP partners and other experts to provide critical experience and opinion to pace and orient a range of tasks, moving from an initial vulnerability and adaptive capacity assessment of each basin and evaluation of needs, through the development, application and testing of new methodologies, to the evaluation of their effectiveness, in order to arrive at a credible set of adaptive management strategies and pathways to support change that address the goals and needs of stakeholders. The case studies provided empirical understanding for the development of new approaches, and apply and test innovative methodologies for integrated water resources management in practical situations.

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