Synthesis Products

NeWater has got strong interest in making its results best possible available. The synthesis products are a joint effort by all NeWater partners to wrap up NeWater research insights and products. A synthesis of the NeWater insights guided to the twelve products in the table below.

A summary of the planned products can be found here.

No.Synthesis ProductDescription
1 Management and Transition Framework Facilitates analyses of water management processes, social learning and water regimes.
2 Uncertainty Guidelines Provides insights on how different types of uncertainty can be approached in adaptive management processes.
3 Tailoring NeWater Insights to EU Policy Processes Addresses "burning policy issues" related to uncertainty, stakeholder participation and global (climate) change.
4 Climate Change Adaptation Book Provides insights into various adaptation strategies for climate change.
5 Water Resources Scenarios for CS Regions Evaluates water resources scenarios for the case study regions taking into account recent climate predictions.
6 Cross-Comparison of Climate Change Adaptation Strategies across Regions Compares the awareness of climate change and adaptation strategies in several regions.
7 Process for Analysing Dynamic Vulnerability and Adaptive Capacity Describes a process for analysing dynamic vulnerability and adaptive capacity.
8 Special Feature on Implementing Participatory Water Management: Recent Advances in Theory, Practice and Evaluation Presents participatory approaches for research and management.
9 Guidebook Explains experiences, outcomes and benefits of the transition to Adaptive Water Management.
10 AWM Section Facilitates knowledge transfer for resources related to Adaptive Water Management.
11 Training and Guidance Material Helps to build capacity among those who "train" water managers.
12 Online Curriculum Provides academic instructors with teaching materials on Adaptive Water Management.